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Dr. Jens W. Tomm


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High-power semiconductor lasers are the most efficient man-made light sources, and can convert more than 80% electric energy into light. Currently emission powers of one kW continuous-wave powers are extracted from a single monolithic semiconductor array. Such operation, however, is connected with very high internal power densities of more than 1010 W/cm3. We are interested in the intrinsic limitations of such optoelectronic devices in terms of output power and beam quality (brightness). For this purpose we analyze devices, but also their components such as surfaces and interfaces or gain materials such as quantum wells, superlattices and quantum dots.

For our experiments, we use optical tools, in particular transient spectroscopy that represents a generic competence of MBI. Such work is naturally carried out as collaborative work with device vendors, who provide us with high-quality industry-grade devices and structures. In BMBF-projects such as BlauLas, we work together with Osram OS (Regensburg), Dilas GmbH (Mainz) and Laserline GmbH (Mülheim) or in the frame of bilateral research contracts with Lumentum (Santa Clara) and 3S-Photonics (Nozay).

Beginning in 2014, the material basis of the investigated devices underwent a transition from infrared-emitting GaAs-based devices towards GaN-based wide-bandgap devices emitting in the ultraviolet to green spectral regions. This new field involves a lot of new challenges and opportunities and we are looking forward this work.


Side-view thermal images from a GaN-device before (top) and during (bottom) a Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) event that takes place on a nanosecond timescale. The color signature in the second image represents hot material ejected out of the device. The cavity of the device (right part) is 1.2 mm in length. The 10 white dots on top of the cavity are the bond wires.


Curriculum vitae

1999 Visitor at the RIKEN-Institute Sendai, Japan


Senior researcher and project coordinator at MBI

1993-1995 Visiting professor at Georgia Tech Atlanta
1986-1989 R&D group leader in a subcontract "Optical characterization of II-VI materials for IR quantum detector fabrication".
1984-1986 R&D work in a subcontract to "Carl Zeiss Jena" company to develop diode lasers for an IR diode laser spectrometer.
1981-1984 PhD student, Dr. rer. nat. in Physics, summa cum laude, Humboldt University, Berlin 1984 Dissertation: Study of the optical properties of n-Pb1-xSnxTe/p-Pb1-xSnxTe/p-PbTe-heterostructures by means of photoluminescence and injection-luminescence.
1977-1982 Physics studies, Diploma in Physics summa cum laude, Humboldt University, Berlin 1982 Thesis: Luminescence properties of lead salts for optical and electrical excitation.

Further scientific activities

Reviewer in about three dozen scientific journals and several governmental organizations

Member in several committees of international conferences such as CLEO Europe; EMRS, ISROS, ESREF, and DRIP, Organizer of several conferences: DRIP-XII, see http://www.drip12.de/, Symposium Chair at EMRS-Spring Meetings “Semiconductor nanostructures towards electronic and optoelectronic device applications I-VI in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017

    Member of the E-MRS Executive Committee 2014-2016

    Member of the “Optical Society of America” and "German Physical Society"

    ~300 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 3 review articles, two books, edited several volumes as guest editor of journals (conference proceedings)

    Associate Editor for the “Journal of Electronic Materials” (JEMS) starting in 2015, and member of the Editorial Board of “Communications in Physics” (CIP) starting in 2016

    Project leader and contributor in many national (BMBF; DFG, Volkswagen) and international (3 Integrated EU Projects, ESA) research projects

    Cooperation with industry within the frame of bilateral contracts or projects

    Other activities
    Member of the DLRG (German Life Rescue Association), Cycling, Running, Finisher at several marathon contests


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    Publications at MBI


    Juan Jiménez and Jens W. Tomm, "Spectroscopic Analysis of Optoelectronic Semiconductors", Springer Series in Optical Sciences Vol. 202 (Springer, 2016).

    Jens W. Tomm and Juan Jiménez, "Quantum-Well Laser Array Packaging", Nanoscience and Technology Series (McGraw-Hill, 2007).


    Selected publication from the last decade

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