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Vorlesung 21344: Spektroskopie in Biologie und Medizin

Vorlesung 21344: Spektroskopie in Biologie und Medizin, WS-2011/12

General information
Lecturer: Thomas Schultz (
Lecture room: Room: 24.16 (till end of 2011)
Room: 25.01 (after 5.1.2012)
Lecture schedule: The lecture will take place on Thursdays, 4.15 - 6 pm. The first lecture will take place on Friday, 28.10., 4.15 - 6 pm.
Lecture on 12.1.2012 will be cancelled
Credit points: 2
Contact: By email
or phone (030 6392-1240)
lecture content: The lecture will cover the state-of-the-art spectroscopic methods used in the fields of biology and medicine. Teaching language will be English or German, depending on the interested audience.
The characterization of structure and function in biological systems forms the basis for countless technological advances in the biological and medical sciences. The large size and complexity of biological systems poses a particular challenge to the available analytical tools in physics and chemistry. This lecture will review the spectroscopic tools used in biology and medicine and will discuss the opportunities and limits of future developments. The topics include:
  1. Absorption and emission of light: Spectroscopic observables and the limits of detection.
  2. Measurements with radio waves: Nuclear spin spectroscopy of macromoecules and tomography of biological systems.
  3. Optical absorption and emission: The detection of natural and artificial choromophores in single molecule spectroscopy and (super-resolution) microscopy.
  4. Spectroscopy with, and diffraction of X-rays: The dream of single-molecule photography.
  5. Mass spectrometry for analytics and sequencing of biomolecules.