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Dr. Felipe Morales Moreno

morales (at) mbi-berlin.de

+49 30 6392 1358

Theory Division, Strong Field Theory
Project Coordinator: 2.2 "Strong-field Few-body Systems"

Member of Projects: 1.1, 2.2 and 2.3


Research Topic

Research interests:

  • High Harmonic Spectroscopy
  • Strong-field ionization of atoms and molecules
  • Strong-field photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Atoms and molecules in super atomic fields. Laser dressed systems and stabilization.
  • Numerical methods.

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Curriculum vitae

  • MsC in Computer Science, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, October 2004.
  • PhD. Thesis "One and Two-Photon Double Ionization of He and H2 using Exterior Complex Scaling". Supervisor: Prof. F. Martín, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, December 2009. (FPI Fellowship (Spanish Ministry of Education (MEC)) Dpt. of Chemistry 01/09/2005-30/09/2009).
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in the group of Prof. O. Smirnova, Max-Born-Instutit (Berlin) 15/01/2010 - 31/07/2010.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in the group of Prof. O. Smirnova, Max-Born-Instutit (Berlin), (granted by Spanish Ministry of Education (MEC)) 01/08/2010 - 31/01/2012.
  • Scientist at Max-Born-Instutit in the group of Prof. O. Smirnova (Berlin), 31/01/12 - present.


Research Highlights


Publications at MBI

List of own publications with no relation to MBI:

  • Attosecond control in photoionization of hydrogen molecules
    F Kelkensberg, W Siu, JF Pérez-Torres, Felipe Morales, G Gademann, Arnaud Rouzee, Per Johnsson, M Lucchini, F Calegari, Jose Luis Sanz-Vicario, Fernando Martín, Marc JJ Vrakking. Physical review letters 107 (4), 043002 (2011)

  • Electron localization following attosecond molecular photoionization
    Giuseppe Sansone, F Kelkensberg, JF Pérez-Torres, Felipe Morales, Matthias F Kling, W Siu, Omair Ghafur, Per Johnsson, Marko Swoboda, E Benedetti, F Ferrari, F Lépine, Jose Luis Sanz-Vicario, Sergey Zherebtsov, Irina Znakovskaya, Anne L'huillier, M Yu Ivanov, Mauro Nisoli, Fernando Martín, Marc JJ Vrakking. Nature 465 (7299), 763-766 (2010)

  • Molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions for H2 ionization by single and trains of attosecond XUV laser pulses
    JL Sanz‐Vicario, JF Pérez-Torres, F Morales, E Plésiat, F Martín. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 110 (13), 2462-2471 (2010)

  • Investigating two-photon double ionization of D2 by XUV-pump-XUV-probe experiments
    YH Jiang, A Rudenko, JF Pérez-Torres, Oliver Herrwerth, L Foucar, M Kurka, KU Kühnel, M Toppin, E Plésiat, F Morales, F Martin, Matthias Lezius, Matthias F Kling, T Jahnke, R Dörner, JL Sanz-Vicario, J Van Tilborg, A Belkacem, M Schulz, K Ueda, TJM Zouros, S Düsterer, R Treusch, CD Schröter, R Moshammer, J Ullrich. Physical Review A 81 (5), 051402 (2009)

  • Probing H2 quantum autoionization dynamics with xuv atto and femtosecond laser pulses
    F Morales, JF Pérez-Torres, JL Sanz-Vicario, F Martín. Chemical Physics 366 (1), 58-63 (2009)

  • Asymmetric electron angular distributions in resonant dissociative photoionization of H 2 with ultrashort XUV pulses
    JF Pérez-Torres, F Morales, JL Sanz-Vicario, F Martín. Physical Review A 80 (1), 011402 (2009)

  • Two-photon double ionization of H2 at 30 eV using Exterior Complex Scaling
    F Morales, F Martin, DA Horner, TN Rescigno, CW McCurdy. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 42 (13), 134013 (2009)

  • Classical two-slit interference effects in double photoionization of molecular hydrogen at high energies
    DA Horner, S Miyabe, TN Rescigno, CW McCurdy, F Morales, F Martin. Physical review letters 101 (18), 183002 (2008)

  • Two-photon double ionization of helium above and below the threshold for sequential ionization
    DA Horner, F Morales, TN Rescigno, F Martin, CW McCurdy. Physical Review A 76 (3), 030701 (2007)

  • Validity of the isolated resonance picture for H2 autoionizing states
    F Morales, CW McCurdy, F Martín. Physical Review A 73 (1), 014702 (2006)