Time -dependent analytical R-matrix method for strong -field dynamics

Modeling multi-electron dynamics in strong laser field is challenging due to non-perturbative nature of all interactions: electron interactions with the laser field and with each other.

We have developed a flexible analytical approach to describe strong-field dynamics in atoms and molecules. Our approach is based on the ideas of the R-matrix method. We have validated it by applying to one-electron systems bound by the Coulomb potential, benchmarking our results against the standard theory of Perelomov, Popov, and Terent’ev [Sov. Phys. JETP 23, 924 (1966)]. Our approach allows us to find corrections to the ionization amplitude associated with the interplay of the Coulomb potential of the ionic core and the laser field on the sub-laser cycle time scale. It also allows us to identify the tunneling wave packets associated with different instants of ionization.

Application of our approach to multi-electron systems has revealed new channels in strong field ionization. These channels appear due to electron-electron correlations and enhance the ionization from deeper molecular orbitals. Multiple ionization channels carry non-trivial phases and lead to highly non-trivial attosecond dynamics of electron rearrangement upon tunnel ionization of molecules.

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