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Dr. Oleg Kornilov


+49 30 6392 1246

Department Head: A2, "Ultrafast XUV Physics"

Project Coordinator: 3.1 "Dynamics of Condensed Phase Molecular Systems"

Member of Projects: 2.3 "Time-resolved XUV-science"


Research Topic

Short introduction:

We explore ultrafast electron dynamics of photoexcited molecules using time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. The main goal of the program is experimental investigation of the influence of molecular environment on the excited state relaxation dynamics of biochromophores and biomimetic systems. The experiments are conducted using recently constructed XUV time delay compensating monochromator beamline coupled to a photoelectron spectrometer with a microliquid jet sample delivery system. This setup allows recording photoelectron spectra of relaxing molecules in their natural environment: water, other solvents or protein cages. The setup is also used in combination with the velocity map imaging spectrometer to investigate gas phase molecular dynamics using time-, energy-, and angular-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.


Curriculum vitae

  • 2012/present - department head, Max-Born-Institute
  • 2010/2012 - staff scientist, Max-Born-Institute
  • 2006/2010 - postdoctoral fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
  • 2001/2006 - PhD student (Prof. J. Peter Toennies), Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Selforganization, Göttingen
  • 1999/2001 - Master student (Prof. G. G. Vladimirov), St. Peterburg State University, Russia
  • 1995/1999 - Bachelor student (Prof. G. G. Vladimirov), St. Peterburg State University, Russia


Research Highlights

Ultrafast photoelectron imaging grasps competition in molecular autoionization


Publications at MBI