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Prof. Dr. Ingolf Volker Hertel


+49 30 6392 [1204]

Director emeritus MBI
Honorary Professor at HU-Berlin
Honorary Chair of IGAFA


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Current Projects

  • Involvement in the ongoing ProMINTion project of the HU-Berlin, including advising PhD students
  • Atome, Moleküle und Optische Physik, Vol. 1 Atomphysik und Grundlagen der Spektroskopie
    extensively revised and updated 2nd edition 2017
  • Vol. 2 Moleküle und Photonen - Spektroskopie und Streuphysik
    2nd edition is in preparation
  • English edition of volume 1 and 2 has been published in 2015
  • DPG-Schulstudie - A study of and for teaching physics in German schools, published by the German Physical Society in Jan. 2016; now it has to be made known to the interested public and to the educational administrations in the 16 German Federal States

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